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It’s a new New Orleans phenomenon for sure. It all started when attorney and former state Rep. Juan LaFonta set out to advertise his personal injury practice. He took a chance by hiring the charismatic yet controversial celebrity Big Freedia to make a television commercial.

The result was an irresistible Bounce-style earworm with the refrain: “Juan LaFonta, Juan LaFonta, Juan Lafonta (to the power of 20).”  The jingle has entered the New Orleans television commercial hall of fame, right up there with the Rosenberg’s Girl and Dr. John singing “Love that Chicken from Popeye’s.”

In 2002, LaFonta opened his law firm, Juan A. LaFonta and Associates, L.L.C. LaFonta’s first case resulted in a 1.2-million-dollar win. Currently, LaFonta is regarded as one of the top African American Lawyers in Louisiana.

His advertising and marketing have been cutting edge in the field of law as well as his politics.

Juan LaFonta is the former Democratic State Representative for Louisiana representing Louisiana House District 96. He was elected in the spring of 2005 during a special election and was unopposed in his 2007 re-election. LaFonta served as Louisiana first Freshmen legislator elected to Chairman of the Black Caucus. He was also the floor leader for the city of New Orleans from 2005 until 2010.  In the fall of 2005, after Hurricane Katrina, LaFonta served the House Special Committee on Disaster Planning, Crisis Management, Recovery and Long-Term Revitalization. LaFonta negotiated 1.2 billion dollars on behalf of metro New Orleans and the gulf coast region after Hurricane Katrina.

He was a tireless advocate for trial attorneys, labor, students, elderly, and the gay community…He has earned a reputation as a fighter for the community.

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